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I'm guessing the answer is no.

Before unloading to a file I want to assure that the according directory does exist, so I'm using sp_list_directory() for that. (I'm on

Simply testing via

select count(*) from sp_list_directory('MyDirectoryPath');

does return 0 both for an empty and an non-existing directory.

Q: Is that by design, or is there a way to make sp_list_directory() return an error for a non-existing "root_path" argument?

Aside: The obvious workaround is to check the parent directory if it does contain the desired subdirectory.

asked 25 Jul, 04:31

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Volker Barth
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Another workaround seems to be the sp_create_directory() function. This returns 0 (succes) if the directory didn't exist and was created, but also returns 0 if the directory already exists.

(25 Jul, 05:23) Christian Ha...
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Wow, and that function is even able to create a complete directory tree, i.e. the following does work, too:

select sp_create_directory('C:\\NonExistingMainDir\\NonExistingSubDir1\NonExistingSubDir2\NonExistingSubDir3');

So that helps to make sure the directory tree does exist afterwards... beware wrong arguments:)

(25 Jul, 05:31) Volker Barth
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