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Hello everybody,

we are running SQL Anywhere 17 ( as a MobiLink consolidated on a Windows machine and the operating system crashed. After starting windows again, the database does not start anymore. We get the following message:

Running Windows 2012R2 Build 9600  on X86_64
Server built for X86_64 processor architecture
1144928K of memory used for caching
Minimum cache size: 1143808K, maximum cache size: 28305136K
Using a maximum page size of 4096 bytes
Multiprogramming level: minimum:5, current:20, maximum:80
Automatic tuning of multiprogramming level is enabled
Starting database "sam_p" (C:\ooo.db) at Wed May 16 2018 09:58
Performance warning: Database file "C:\ooo.db" consists of 23629 disk fragments
Database recovery in progress
    Last checkpoint at Tue May 15 2018 16:54
    Checkpoint log...
    Transaction log: sam_p.log...
    ... recovery 0% complete
    ... recovery 14% complete
    ... recovery 41% complete
    ... recovery 69% complete
    ... recovery 95% complete
    ... recovery 100% complete

*** ERROR *** Assertion failed: 106200 (

Unable to undo index changes during rollback

We tried to start the db without log (-f), but did not work either. Any idea what could be done to get the db back up and running?

Thanks for the help and best regards, Alex

asked 16 May '18, 04:14

Alexander%20Ilg's gravatar image

Alexander Ilg
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Other than trying with the newest v17 EBF ( on Windows AFAIK) if that can recover the current database, I guess "[use the] back up and [go] running" with applying the current log should be the way to go...

(16 May '18, 05:06) Volker Barth

It would ideal to get to a later SP as we have added additional diagnostic information to the assertion. The SP should be build 4148 or later. This will not address the assertion but will provide more information about the problem encountered. This change is Engineering Case #813493.

(16 May '18, 10:02) Chris Keating
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