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Windows 10 64-bit SQL Anywhere 17 I have a view that contains a sub-query in a "from" clause like this:

       s1_name_and_address location_naa,
       (SELECT CASE WHEN cntmf.misc_field_nbr = 1
                        THEN cntmf.miscellaneous_field
                        ELSE NULL
               END AS misc_column_description1
          FROM s1_miscellaneous_field_data cntmf
         WHERE cntmf.program_code IN ('PCE','SCE','OCE')
           AND cntmf.table_key = 's1_contract'

when I execute this SQL I get this error:

Could not execute statement.
Syntax error near ',' on line 244 SQLCODE=-131, ODBC 3 State="42000" Line 244

Line 244 points to the end of the sub-query. When I execute the sub-query in a stand alone manner it behaves as expected. Is this a limitation or an error or ?? Thanks

asked 08 Feb '18, 14:46

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Murray Sobol
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Mark Culp


Note that an If expression would be shorter than the CASE expression you are using, and the ELSE NULL is the default if you omit an ELSE clause. Just saying..

(08 Feb '18, 14:57) Volker Barth

In a view definition, each column in the SELECT list must have a defined name. For a subselect you need to add an alias after the closing bracket. For a regular SELECT there is no need to give an alias here.

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answered 08 Feb '18, 14:53

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Volker Barth
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Thanks Volker - that worked!!! did not know about the "alias" requirement...

(08 Feb '18, 15:13) Murray Sobol
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