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The protocol we want to use is https. We have bought a Comodo Server Certificaat, instant ssl. This is already installed in IIS (server certificates) and used by other webservices developed in c#.

Is it possible to use this certificate also for SQL anywhere 12? If so, what should we do to get it up and running?

Please consider in your answer that I don't know anything about certificates and there differences.

Thanks Eric

asked 19 Dec '17, 08:53

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I don't know your infrastructure, and thus I can only assume what you have. If you have a single certificate, it means that you have it probably per domain name (e.g. The easiest solution would be to use HTTP on SA, but use IIS as the firewall/proxy in front of SA.

If you want to enable HTTPS for CREATE SERVICE, you should use SECURE ON attribute. But you have to provide HTTPS option to -xs when you start dbsrv ( )

(19 Dec '17, 10:51) Vlad
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See this FAQ by Mark how to setup a SA https web service.

(19 Dec '17, 11:11) Volker Barth

When we use the -xs option is "Identity" the certificate filename we bought? Is "Identity_Password" the password used to create the certificate?

The problem is that someone else created the certificate for us. I also asked him this question but he could not give the answer?

(20 Dec '17, 06:02) ontsnapt

Yes, and the password is that for the private key.

(20 Dec '17, 07:11) Volker Barth
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