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  • Server has 160 G RAM available, normal workload at 35 G RAM
  • DB size 80 GB - dbvalid (-fx) takes 10 hours
  • In the last 2 hours (hour 8 to 10) the workload suddenly is going up to 130 G.

Can anyone tell me whats the dbvalid process (with -fx option) do in the last chapter of validation in SB16 EBF 1915? Which part of dbvalid needs suddenly 100 G of cache ??

asked 12 Dec '17, 04:48

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I can't tell that but two remarks:

  1. When you use the VALIDATE statements or the sa_validate() procedure, they write their actions to the console log which does also contain messages for cache resizing. That might help to find out what validation step does increase the cache that much.
  2. Build is rather old, current builds are in the range, so in case that is a bug, trying with a newer EBF might help.

This forum has several FAQs on the (not too obvious) connections between DBVALID's options and the according statement variants and parameters, like this one.

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answered 12 Dec '17, 06:31

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