Hello, I am trying to start the database and it is presenting the error described below: (using Adaptive Server Anywhere Network Server Version

Can not create stream controller thread.

What can it be? If someone can help me thank you.

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See this thread: http://codeverge.com/sybase.sqlanywhere.general/server-error-with-cw-option/1000003

See also...

CR Number:    444457
Product Name:     SQL Anywhere
Product Component:    Server
Status:   Closed
OS:   Generic
Original Version:     7.0.00
Fixed Version   Build   Resolution Date Closure Code (If Appropriate)
10.0.1  3271    16 Oct 2006 Fixed
10.0.0  2729    16 Oct 2006 Fixed
9.0.2   3389    16 Oct 2006 Fixed

If the server displayed the message: "Cannot create stream controller thread" on startup, it may not have been possible to connect to a server in this state, and applications that were able to connect may have received communication errors. This error only occurred if the server ran out of address space (approximately 2GB of address space is available on 32bit Windows operating systems). This has been fixed so that the server will now fail to start if this error occurs. When this error occurs, the maximum cache size should be reduced by at least 10MB.

(04 Dec '17, 10:07) Breck Carter
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