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HBD140 Lockheed Martin: You Can’t Do That in a Graphical Calculation View Lecture (1hr) SAP recommends data models be built with calculation views, but often you may not see a way to accomplish this goal. Graphical models have many capabilities that aren’t apparent at first glance. Lockheed Martin explores two examples of scenarios: first, with SAP SQL Anywhere, then, as graphical calculation views. The advantages will be discussed and hopefully inspire you to rethink the possibilities of graphical calculation views. Examples given include table transposition and window functions.

asked 12 Jul '17, 04:18

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Breck Carter
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Lockheed Martin

Ah, real "stealth marketing" for the invisible database:)

Does v18 use the codename "Blackbird"? :)

(12 Jul '17, 05:25) Volker Barth
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> Blackbird

I hope not... the SR-71 last flew in 1999.

(12 Jul '17, 10:30) Breck Carter

Hard to tell for those hidden devices...

Volker promises to stop spreading conspiracy theories

(12 Jul '17, 10:39) Volker Barth

I refer my Right Honourable friends to my question of 11th May.

(12 Jul '17, 13:35) Justin Willey

Will there be more SQL Anywhere content at SAP TechEd?

...and the answer is "no".

Also, no Mobilink or UltraLite at all.

permanent link

answered 07 Aug '17, 08:59

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Breck Carter
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edited 07 Aug '17, 09:03

I don't know anything about SA, but some parts of it you can see in HANA now. E.g. Mobilink is still alive.

p.s. I know this news is very old, but it is the future...

(07 Aug '17, 09:49) Vlad
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