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In VS2017 created a new Android Bindings project and added UltraLiteJN17.jar. Selected Build Action of "EmbeddedJar". Compiling for the same version as the Android Xamarin Project - 6.0 Marshmallow. Get the error "Type 'JniDbMgr' already defines a member called 'Release' with the same parameter types". I have changed the Binding Project's "Android Codegen Target:" and "Android Class Parser" on the "Application" tab to cover all permutations. And still the error (along with a boat load of warnings).

asked 27 Jun '17, 12:40

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Switched the .jar's "Build Action" to "EmbeddedReferenceJar" and it builds. Have referenced the build result in the Droid project and so far it appears to be working as advertised. It's just soooo different from what is used (UltraLite17) in the UWP project.

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answered 27 Jun '17, 13:59

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I am assuming, right or wrong, that since it built successfully this was the correct decision. Please advise if there is a "more correct" solution.

(27 Jun '17, 15:39) BESpring
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