Well, a while ago Jason had collected "A Selected List" of whitepapers related to SQL Anywhere.

Now that this has been archived in the old SCN, the link within the doc to "all white papers" leads to a "Page not Found", which is bad if you try to find a whitepaper like that one and might not know the title to search for.

Is there a current list of all whitepapers? (And by the way, are there newer ones available compared to the list based on v12?)

Or is there just the general list of SQL Anywhere documents here? (I'm not sure that contains all relevant topics...)

Of course my former primary doc collection was Breck's legendary " Tales From The Doc Face" - but that contains many links to the now vanished "iablogs" and the like, and I guess it should be SAP's task to make those available...

asked 26 Jun '17, 05:59

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Volker Barth
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(26 Jun '17, 10:35) Breck Carter
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You're saying that is quite the SCN archive?

(26 Jun '17, 10:50) Volker Barth
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If by "quite" you mean "like" then yeah... except nobody knows for sure who did the deed(s) in Alexandria :)

(27 Jun '17, 09:19) Breck Carter

Hm, not sure whether it's different in Walldorf... (although it probably cannot be blamed on a great fire this time).

(27 Jun '17, 09:36) Volker Barth
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