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Setting up ODSL model the documentation indicates that without a model, all tables and views with primary keys are exposed.

If I setup a model and only include the statement for a service

service namespace "OBabyService" {
serviceop get "tso"."WebAData" returns multiplicity "*";

I would expect to only expose this service. In practice though, this exposes all tables and views with primary keys and in addition this service.

Right now I am using a dummy table as an entity entry to avoid this, but are there other ways to accomplish this goal?

Also, are there any more flexible ways to handle the ODSL service model, such as all procedures owned by X user?

asked 25 May '17, 17:14

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Siger Matt
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We did not anticipate the scenario that someone would only want to expose service operations. As a work around, you can create a user that has execute permissions on the service operation and access to no tables.

We will investigate adding support for this in the future.

Unfortunately, we cannot determine the multiplicity of all procedures and, as documented, there are some kinds of stored procedures we cannot handle. Therefore we cannot expose automatically all procedures owned by a given user.

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answered 26 May '17, 10:40

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