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At one of our sites we are now receiving the error listed below when trying to run an extraction. I am certain that we have a publsiher defined as the following sql command returns a single row: select * from sysuserperm where publishauth = 'Y'

Here is my extract command: dbxtract -b -n -u -v -c "dsn=Central Database;dbn=Central03;eng=Central03;commlinks=tcpip{Host=};uid=dbextract;pwd=xxx;" J:\bersys\unload\011039 011039 -y

Resulting error: SQL Anywhere Extraction Utility Version Connecting and initializing There is no publisher defined for the specified database

Any help or guidance is appreciated.

Thanks, Brian

asked 15 May '17, 09:38

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What does "select current publisher" return?

(15 May '17, 10:10) Volker Barth

select * from sysuserperm where publishauth = 'Y' returns a row with user_name 030000 which is the correct publisher

(15 May '17, 10:22) bgreiman
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Yes, but what does the mentioned select return?

(15 May '17, 10:27) Volker Barth

Here is CSV formatted export of the row that is returned: 522,3638,'030000',0x013c752dde9fbb9ff4ff7df95d21d739325e0f523e3fc5db2dfeb260fbfdfd91522aef2489,'Y','Y','N','Y','Y','N','Duluth DB Server-new'

(15 May '17, 10:32) bgreiman

Please can you still make sure that "SELECT CURRENT PUBLISHER" does also return the expected value?

(16 May '17, 14:52) Volker Barth

FYI - I uninstalled and re-install SQL Anywhere and that solved my issue. Must have been a corrupted or missing file somewhere in the installation.

Thanks, Brian

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answered 01 Jun '17, 09:51

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