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I am dealing with a SQL Anywhere 16 database where approximately 46G out of 50G total disk space resides in the extension pages supporting one single column in one single table.

Needless to say, dbvalid.exe spends [cough] a lot [/cough] of time on that table.

What is the easiest way to set up a validation process that fully validates everything except that column, or that table?

There are approximately 200 tables in the database.

I am happy to run dbvalid.exe multiple times, BUT not so happy having to maintain a dbvalid -t [ object-name, ... ] list of tables to include, rather than exclude...

...and is it even possible to code 199 table names in the [ object-name, ... ] list?

( I know, The Watcom Rule says "Yes!" :)

asked 12 May '17, 16:04

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Breck Carter
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What about SQL-based validition with a FOR loop excluding that table when building VALIDATE TABLE statements dynamically?

AFAIK we had discussions here with John about what DBVALID option correspondends to what VALIDATE CHECKSUM/DATABASE/TABLE/INDEX statement run...

(13 May '17, 04:18) Volker Barth
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Yours is a good answer, and it might even be the "easiest way", but... dbvalid -xt [ object-name, ... ] is what I really want... sigh :)

I will wait (in vain perhaps) for something "easier", then turn your comment into an accepted answer.

(13 May '17, 08:15) Breck Carter
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