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You are invited to the Building SQL Anywhere Server Applications with .NET webcast. This will provide an overview of how to implement a database server application using SQL Anywhere and .NET technologies. Topics covered include database connectivity using ADO.NET and the Entity Framework, ASP.NET web-based applications, and executing native .NET business logic within the database server. Sample code and applications will be provided to illustrate these concepts.

Presenter: Jose Ramos, Sr. Product Manager

Date: Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Time: 7am PST / 10am EST / 3pm GMT / 4pm CET


11am PST / 2pm EST / 7pm GMT / 8pm CET

Duration: 1 hour


asked 16 Jan '10, 11:22

Breck%20Carter's gravatar image

Breck Carter
accept rate: 20%

edited 26 Jan '10, 12:14

Breck could you post a link to the WEB cast now that it has completed. Thanks

(15 Feb '10, 19:32) Jay Turner

What happens when you follow that "Register" link? It says "Part of the Sybase iAnywhere Online Webcast Library" which implies to me it's what you want... please let me know and I will edit the question... or you can post an answer and get an awsome bounty of points!

(16 Feb '10, 15:12) Breck Carter

@Jay: That should have been "awesome" bounty... seriously, everyone needs points, that's why they call them points... post an answer, get 150 points right away.

(16 Feb '10, 15:13) Breck Carter

If you follow the link you have posted, you have to register. Once you do, it gives you the link to the web cast. You don't need to do all that, because Im going to post the link :)

permanent link

answered 16 Feb '10, 15:48

Calvin%20Allen's gravatar image

Calvin Allen
accept rate: 25%

Oh, what to do... give Calvin the bounty for bypassing the sales-lead-generation process (what, you don't WANT SQL Anywhere to succeed?) or wait until Jay posts an answer? Oh, the dilemma, the dilemma... :)

(16 Feb '10, 16:03) Breck Carter

@Jay... post an answer, any answer, get 150 points! ...or I'm giving them to Calvin!

(16 Feb '10, 16:04) Breck Carter

@Breck: Well, is it still mere joy to be the SQLA admin?

(16 Feb '10, 20:03) Volker Barth

@Jay... sorry, you waited too long, but there's (almost) always an open bounty to grab! @Calvin... enjoy the points! @Volker... SQLA admin isn't exactly a burden, volume is really low, well below "failure to take off" level, but... still waiting for StackExchange Beta 7 and the database export/backup.

(18 Feb '10, 08:08) Breck Carter
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