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Is it possible (undocumented feature?) to limit the size of Web service client information (-zoc) file?
Like -os for the database server message log file and -zs/-zn for the request log file.

asked 24 Apr '17, 04:49

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I scanned the code... and there is currently no method to automatically limit the size of the HTTP client log file.

The method suggested by Volker - use an event to rotate the log - would be your best solution. If checking the size of the file does not work (due to OS not updating the meta data (size) of the file) then you could just decide to rotate the log every fixed period of time regardless of its size. E.g. you could change the file name every 6, 12, or 24 hours depending on your situation / requirements. You can use

call sa_server_option( 'WebClientLogFile', newname );

to set a new name for the log file.

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answered 24 Apr '17, 09:01

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Mark Culp
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I don't think so but you could of course create an event that checks the file size of the log and switches to a new log when a particular size is reached (and then possibly remove the previous one). sa_server_option() will be of help here.

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answered 24 Apr '17, 05:01

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Volker Barth
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converted 24 Apr '17, 09:04

For ASA12, I'm trying to get the zoc-file size using a proxy table:
SELECT "size" FROM t0 where file_name=...
But before select I have to do refresh of zoc-file, i.e.:
SELECT xp_read_file( 'ASAWeb.txt',1 );
Otherwise, the zoc-file size remains zero.

(24 Apr '17, 08:21) Ilia63
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