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Please help me to connect ASA anywhere 11.0.0 to JDBC. I need to use SAP Lumira BI. They have to be connected via JDBC.

Please help me with step by step procedure.

Really appriciate.

asked 07 Apr '17, 07:44

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There are two JDBC options that can be used - The SQL Anywhere JDBC driver which is not a pure java and jConnect which is pure-Java. To learn more, read SQL Anywhere JDBC driver.

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answered 07 Apr '17, 13:21

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Chris Keating
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Thank you Chris,

I have read the link, but I still can not connect my ASA 11.0.0 to SAP Lumira (BI). SAP Lumira did not provide connection to ASA 11.0.0, So I choose JDBC Generic connection

Can you please kindly help me where to type:

  1. Path

set classpath=%classpath%;install-dir\java\jodbc.jar

  1. load driver

DriverManager.registerDriver( (Driver) Class.forName( "").newInstance() );

  1. Suply a URL to the driver

Connection con = DriverManager.getConnection( "jdbc:ianywhere:DSN=SQL Anywhere 11 Demo" )

Please help me out...I can not upload any image, because my point is not enough.

Thank you very much for your reply..Really appriciate that..

Best regards,


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answered 10 Apr '17, 02:37

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I do not have any experience with SAP Lumina. But a quick web search shows that the generic driver setup is reasonably easy. It appears that you are prompted to supply the JAR file of the JDBC driver. You will also need the other supporting files in the path (i.e., the SA BIN32 or BIN64 drirectory depending on the bitness of the Java being used) if you are using the SQL Anywhere JDBC driver - it has native components. You will then see a dialog asking for the class and url which are described above.

You do not need a DSN so you can simple provide a connection string. If you are not sure how to setup a connection string, we can help with that on this forum. The basic premise is:


If you have not already started the database engine and database, you can add


This will autostart a standalone server.

If you have more specific questions about this, you will want to raise those in support or in the SAP Community Network for Lumina.

(10 Apr '17, 10:47) Chris Keating

See also Jason Hinsperger's answer here from today, it tells that SQL Anywhere is a pre-defined data source with Lumira...

(10 Apr '17, 11:06) Volker Barth
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