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The usual connection string for a client that wants to connect to a primary (or secondary) High Availability server on a network includes a list of two host addresses for the two partners which can at any time be the primary (or secondary); e.g.,

  -c "SERVER=primary_demo; UID=dba; PWD=sql; HOST=computer1:55501,computer2:55502;" 

Is there any networking magic way to simplify that list, to use some kind single unchanging network "alias" that doesn't require changing all 10,000 client connection strings when someone moves servers around on a network?

asked 31 Mar '17, 08:54

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Breck Carter
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Is that different from possible changes to a connection string for a non-HA setup (except those would usually have only one host entry)?

I'm not familiar with "networking magic" but I'd assume using a host name instead of an IP address might make a network location "more abstract" and therefore somewhat more "aliased"...

With a bruteforce approach, you could probably also use a centralized FileDSN for all clients and just re-define that once...

Don't know whether the DBNS17 utility could also be of help here...

(31 Mar '17, 09:07) Volker Barth

So we can expect a freshly updated v17 HA demo is planned for your great blog...?

(31 Mar '17, 09:15) Volker Barth
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