Are there any restrictions or incompatibilities to watch for? (using on Windows 7)

The Help says "-i Displays an icon that you can double-click to display the database server messages window." but no such icon or window appears when the following service is started (otherwise, everything is OK).

  -o "C:\HADEMO\partner1\dbsvc_partner1_demo_log.txt"^
  -s Automatic^
  -sd "SQL Anywhere 16 Partner1 Demo Database Server"^
  -sn partner1_demo_service^
  -t Network^
  -w partner1_demo_service^
  -n partner1_demo^
  -o "C:\HADEMO\partner1\dbsrv16_partner1_demo_log.txt"^
  -oe "C:\HADEMO\partner1\dbsrv16_partner1_demo_startup_log.txt"^
  -su sql^
  -x tcpip(port=55501;dobroadcast=no)^
  -xp on

"%SQLANY16%\Bin64\dbsvc.exe" -u partner1_demo_service 

Update: This exhortation from Microsoft seems to say I'm doomed to failure:
Services cannot directly interact with a user as of Windows Vista. Therefore, the techniques mentioned in the section titled Using an Interactive Service should not be used in new code.

asked 26 Mar '17, 10:25

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Breck Carter
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Well, as v16 still supports Windows XP, option -i should work there as expected...

V17 does not support Windows XP and Vista, and the docs tell that for option -i:

As of Windows Vista, this is no longer available.

Just saying:)

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answered 27 Mar '17, 04:18

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Volker Barth
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