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Hi guys, looking into the future we're searching for a solution to handle heavy loads.

  • At that time we've got a 300 GB Database with a db-growth of 80 GB in a year and 1400 active users.
  • It's about 30% Writing and 70% Reading queries...
  • Is there is a possibility of load balancing in SQLAnywhere16?

I found the possibility of "Scale out" but i haven't found more information about the "load balancing"

  • Makes it sense to update to Sybase ASE?

This link tell me anything about Sybase ASE but not the difference or the advantages... Sybase16 vs Sybase ASE

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You may have to research the ASE Clustering technology on some other forum. I would recommend you going to the ASE area of SCN. Most of the responders on this forum will have much deeper SQL Anywhere knowledge than ASE. I believe the ASE (load balanacing) feature is clustering based and relies mostly upon a common shared file system to coordinate. I understand ASE clustering (edition) is officially a H/A (High Availability) feature not a strictly load balancing one (in the general sense) but you should refer to the experts to find out more about that feature or if it is evolved since my last encounter.

SQL Anywhere also has its own H/A feature called Database Mirroring. That has some offloading capabilities by allowing read/only access to the mirror partner. That may be an option for you.

Scale Out (also known as Read Only Scale out) is another feature that can dove-tail with H/A (database mirroring) or can be purchased and used separately. It allows you to offload queries to additional read-only nodes.

I see a potential case for you to consider using either SQL Anywhere database mirroring or read only scale out; possibly both in combination. That would need to be evaluated to see how you might need/want to implement that.

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