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Does anyone know how Sybase Central measures what it thinks is enough free disk space?

We have had this screenshot from a customer (cant't upload pictures - get an error about global name send_email_template not defined, tried jpg & png various sizes, so I'll describe it) situation where the where the Overview is generating a warning (red mark against Health & Statistics, yellow triangle with exclamation mark in "Space Remaining" and a message dialog saying

"The device containing Dbspace 'system' is running low on disk space. 94.13 GB out of 185.75 GB are free (50.7%). You can free space on this device by deleting old or unnecessary files.

Caution I approve of, but this seems a little extreme.

v16.0.0.2076 but I've checked the docs for fixes in new ebfs but no mention.

asked 16 Mar '17, 15:32

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Justin Willey
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I'm checking into this more. brb

(16 Mar '17, 18:10) Nick Elson S...

(17 Mar '17, 10:51) Breck Carter
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It's not fair! How come Breck gets to upload pictures :)

(17 Mar '17, 11:05) Justin Willey

He's not uploading pictures, but memes.

Sorry, Justin, we are too old-school.

Volker Cannot Upload Either.

(17 Mar '17, 11:28) Volker Barth

I can't upload files either... but a workaround is to put the file on a website and post a link to it here... everyone's got a website, right? :)

(17 Mar '17, 13:01) Breck Carter

Oh well, that made my day:)

(17 Mar '17, 13:19) Volker Barth

Try turning on the Foxhound purge, or deleting the log :)...

(17 Mar '17, 13:24) Breck Carter
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The size check is a fixed 2 times the size of the database file being checked. It will check this for all dbspaces and transaction logs and the any that are over that limit will be flagged.

The current threshold is too big if you have all your db files on separate physical devices; which I suspect is your point. Many customers will have all of their database files on the same logical drive so in those cases that threshold is not as overzealous as it appears. Breck's example, for example, would have the transaction log flagged on a 3TB logical drive; possible both files.

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answered 20 Mar '17, 10:19

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Nick Elson S...
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Justin Willey

Thanks Nick - that's very helpful.

(20 Mar '17, 10:23) Justin Willey

The more correct answer is that this was set to be twice the size to allow room for a 2nd copy of the database file. This can prove helpful during rebuilds and some other activities (validation for one example).

(20 Mar '17, 11:16) Nick Elson S...
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