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On validating a SQLA 16 database we get the following. Can this be fixed ?

Rogue page found in blob on page 00036a00 of table "Ticket_Templates" in database file "c:\sdata\store18_m.db"
Invalid blob found on page 000369be of table "Ticket_Templates" in database file "c:\sdata\store18_m.db"
Row count mismatch between table "Ticket_Templates" and index "Ticket_Templates"
Orphaned blob found on page 00035abb of table "Ticket_Templates" in database file "c:\sdata\store18_m.db"
java.sql.SQLException: [Sybase][ODBC Driver][SQL Anywhere]Run time SQL error -- Validation of table "Ticket_Templates" has failed
The database 'THELMA_STORE18_M' could not be validated.

asked 16 Mar '17, 12:06

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Mark Culp

Since validation is failing for you it seems obvious you have corruption on this table.

Normally the practice would be to restore from your backups and apply transaction logs if you have instituted SQL Anywhere style backups.

Without backups you will need to consider the rebuilding of the damaged database manually, sidestepping the damage. If you are lucky rebuilding the database with and un-ordered dbunload (using dbunload -u -an ...) may just get you there without other errors but if that does not complete successfully then you will need to take a more involved approach.

Manually rebuilding the database without the affected table is a minimalistic approach/option here and would be a valid first step in any more aggressive salvage effort. You can later try to unload the 'good' rows and move those into the result. Either way, depending upon the full extent of the damage, a salvage effort can take a number of trial and error sessions to get it right.

If you have an active SAP S-user account you should be able to review the steps from this KBA 1959030 as well as any others available on the topic.

Best of luck

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answered 16 Mar '17, 17:51

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Thanks Nick for the response. The corrupt table only seemed to be on the remote db so I just re-extracted for that user and now all is well.

(17 Mar '17, 04:42) ThelmaCottage
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If that question is solved, then feel free to "accept" Nick's answer (here's a HowTo )

(17 Mar '17, 07:06) Volker Barth
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