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Hi all,

I'm running SQL Anywhere 17 (2757) on a win7 Pro (64bit) notebook and a Raspberry Pi 3 with Raspbian. I wonder if SQL Anywhere Cockpit is supposed to run on the Raspberry.
I ran this sequence against the Win7 machine:

@set pwd=cockTale  
@set srvname=Cockpit_%computername:-=_%

dbinit -dba cpit,%pwd% Userdata.db  
dbspawn dbsrv17 -cdb "dbf=CPRepository.db" -xs http -n %srvname% -o %srvname%.lis UserData.db  
dbisql -c "server=%srvname%;dbn=UserData;uid=cpit;pwd=%pwd%" grant role cockpit_role to cpit

Afterwards, I could connect to the cockpit using by authenticating myself as user cpit password cockTale. This also works from the RasPi web Browser.

Then I repeated the equivalent steps on the RasPi:

dbinit -dba cpit,cockTale Userdata.db
dbsrv17 -cdb "dbf=CPRepository.db" -xs http{port=8080} -n RasPiCockpit -o RasPiCockpit.lis Userdata.db
dbisqlc -c cpit,cockTale grant role cockpit_role to cpit

When I try to connect (with, I'm prompted with the Cockpit connect dialog, but when I specify my credentials, I get the error that (translated back from German) my username or password is invalid or the user hasn't been granted the COCKPIT_ROLE role. This again is consistent for local connections within the RasPi and remote connection from Win7 Firefox. I've checked that the grant role had been successful (select * from sysrolegrants where grantee_name = user_name () shows the COCKPIT_ROLE row).
I don't see any relevant difference between the two command sequences, so I wonder if SQL Anywhere Cockpit is supposed to run at all on Raspbian or, of course, somebody can point me to what I've missed there.

Volker Stoeffler

asked 20 Feb '17, 15:10

Volker%20DB-TecKy's gravatar image

Volker DB-TecKy
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Cockpit is not supported on the PI platform because OMNI/CIS is not enabled on the platform, and it is needed to do cross database connections.

permanent link

answered 20 Feb '17, 16:50

Mark%20Culp's gravatar image

Mark Culp
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edited 20 Feb '17, 16:51

That general requirement has been discussed here.

(21 Feb '17, 02:26) Volker Barth

Thank you, Mark & Volker. I suspected something like that, but failed to find it.
As a suggestion for product development, I think a more precise error message might help.
-- Volker

(21 Feb '17, 11:01) Volker DB-TecKy
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