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In SQL Anywhere 16 Sybase Central, where does the Event Properties "Next scheduled time:" value come from?

The displayed value seems to be the previous time rather than the next time.

I can't find any related column in the catalog colums.

asked 18 Feb '17, 09:27

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Breck Carter
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It seems likely you may have already figured out where this info is coming from but here's the answer with links for others.

The SCJView uses the DB_EXTENDED_PROPERTY( ) function to display this. The portion of the select list in the query used to extract that looks like this:

 cast("DB_EXTENDED_PROPERTY"('NextScheduleTime',"E"."event_name") as timestamp)
  as "next_schedule_time"

correlated on event_name.

I don't see the previous time behavior so that might need to be looked into.

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answered 21 Feb '17, 08:43

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Nick Elson S...
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edited 06 Mar '17, 10:54

If you are working with a 10.0.0 or early 10.0.1 server it may be possible you might see a missed schedule that way. Engineering Change #480547 was fixed in 10.0.1 bld#3562 and all more recent releases. The issue there was if the schedule's 'start time' included milliseconds, it could fail to 'fire'.

Otherwise, see what happens when you revert/change the public/dba timestamp_format. If that has any impact you might want to compare your results to the behavior describe in Engineering Change 625647.

(21 Feb '17, 08:50) Nick Elson S...

What does the [NextScheduleTime][2] syntax mean?

(05 Mar '17, 09:41) Breck Carter

That was supposed to be a link inside of a code formatted section. Failing that I have corrected the original answer.

(06 Mar '17, 10:55) Nick Elson S...
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