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I'm following the steps from this page:

I'm getting this error: [-10362] No overload matching 'GetUpload(uploaded_ptr)' was found in class 'MobiLinkOrders'

My function definition is pasted directly from the tutorial: public void GetUpload(UploadData ut)...

Any suggestions? I've followed the tutorial steps verbatim (other than one change detailed below). I tried debugging the .NET project, but the MobiLinkOrders constructor is never even called.

(By the way, I first got an error that the DLL had no handler for EndSync. I think that's because the source code contains EndDownload(), but not EndSync(). I changed the connection script to this: CALL ml_add_dnet_connection_script( 'default', 'end_download', 'MobiLinkOrders.EndDownload' ); That seemed to fix it.)

Now I am stuck on the No overload matching 'GetUpload(uploaded_ptr)' error.

Please help.

asked 16 Feb '17, 14:09

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Eric Murchie...
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The EndDownload vs EndSync aspect is a bit of confusion in the docs. Prior versions of the docs used EndDownload( ) throughout. The current v17 on switched to EndSync( ) but the text does not always match the example code so you have a couple of places where you can get those flipped. Someone is already looking into getting that fixed.

Sounds likely you figured it out well enough.

As to your -10362 error "No overload matching 'GetUpload(uploaded_ptr)

I'm not seeing how you got to that error unless your method is not part of your 'MobiLinkOrders' class? {maybe you have it defined at file scope?}

(16 Feb '17, 19:04) Nick Elson S...

I'm not having any issues with the tutorial (other than the EndSync/EndDownload nonsense).

What version of csc are you using to compile the assembly?

Would you be able to post the full MobiLink log when you synchronize?


(21 Feb '17, 11:31) Reg Domaratzki
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I got it to work. One other thing I did differently was to compile the dll in the Visual Studio IDE rather than the command line provided in the tutorial. I don't know what the difference is, but the command line works, while the IDE results in the above error. The IDE specifies .NET 4.5, while the command line doesn't specify. Could that be it?

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answered 21 Feb '17, 12:42

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Eric Murchie...
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The CSC version was just a guess since it's the only thing I could think of, and I only have Visual Studio 2012 and nothing later installed. If the tutorial fails with more recent versions of the .NET framework, I'd be interested in knowing.

(21 Feb '17, 13:49) Reg Domaratzki
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I'm using Visual Studio 2013. But should I be using a .NET framework version other than 4.5?

(21 Feb '17, 14:44) Eric Murchie...

.NET Framework v4.5 is fine. If you know how to figure out what the csc command line was in the VS project that wasn't working, we could problaby sort out what the problem was if you're interested.

(24 Feb '17, 11:46) Reg Domaratzki
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