I am trying to create and run a SQL Anywhere service:

dbsvc -y -as -i -s Automatic -t Network -sd SAAPDB_RCS_SAPDOC01_0101 -w SAAPDB_RCS_SAPDOC01_0101 "C:\Program Files\SQL Anywhere 16\Bin64\dbsrv16.exe" -c dsn=SAAP_RCS_rem_0101;uid=rohini;pwd=basu -o C:\SAP\SAAP\0101\db\logs\eng_log_0101 -on 4M -x shmem,tcpip(port=5657) -xs http(port=8080;dbn=SAAP_RCS_rem_0101;MaxRequestSize=10M;log=C:\SAP\SAAP\0101\db\logs\web_log_0101.txt) -gd ALL

SQL Anywhere Service Utility Version Service "SAAPDB_RCS_SAPDOC01_0101" was created successfully.

dbsvc -u SAAPDB_RCS_SAPDOC01_0101 SQL Anywhere Service Utility Version Service "SAAPDB_RCS_SAPDOC01_0101" start pending. Error starting service "SAAPDB_RCS_SAPDOC01_0101".

Windows Event log shows: SQLANYs_SAAPDB_RCS_SAPDOC01_0101: Cannot open transaction log file -- The system cannot find the file specified.

When I tried running

net start "SQL Anywhere - SAAPDB_RCS_SAPDOC01_0101" The service started

When I tried running the db server manually from command line:

dbsrv16 -n SAAPDB_RCS_SAPDOC01_0101 C:\SAP\SAAP\db\0101\SAAP_RCS.db -n SAAP_RCS_rem_0101 -o C:\SAP\SAAP\db\logs\eng_log_0101 -on 4M -x shmem,tcpip(port=5657) -xs http(port=8080;dbn=SAAP_RCS_rem_0101;MaxRequestSize=10M;log=C:\SAP\SAAP\db\logs\web_log_0101.txt) -gd ALL The database started

(P.S: The original discussion started in the below thread: http://sqlanywhere-forum.sap.com/questions/28796/dbsvc-failing-to-start-mobilink-server-service)

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This does not make much sense. There should be fundamentally no (functional) difference between doing a NET START or a DBSVC -u the way you are using those. Both call the same Windows Service Manager API to start the service {specifically dbsvc calls StartService() and net1.exe (launched by net.exe) calls StartServiceW()}

Is it possible one is 32bit and the other 64bit (not that a difference there would explain the difference either). Or maybe you have multiple similar service names that look the same (an i vs a 1 or a 0 vs an 'O'h?)

Also, the error you are getting would seem to be unrelated to any of the above. A "Cannot open transaction log file -- The system cannot find the file specified." error would indicate a problem with the directory being mounted, or permissions to scan that directory and/or open the file, or a renamed/mistyped/changed transaction log file name. As such, should behave the same in all cases (except possibly for your foreground test) since these service operations are all [Local]System services and so the permissions should be the same and I assume the directories, permissions and contents have not changed.

(06 Feb '17, 11:55) Nick Elson S...

I am really puzzled as to why there is a connection string argument in the server start line?

-c dsn=SAAP_RCS_rem_0101;uid=rohini;pwd=basu

The -c option is used to specify cache size.

(07 Feb '17, 19:02) JBSchueler
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Jack, that has already been discussed (and corrected) here (cf. the question's P.S.):


I'm not sure why the same wrong command is shown here again...

(08 Feb '17, 00:41) Volker Barth

Sorry, I copy+pasted the command from the original discussion thread.

(09 Feb '17, 03:23) rohinibasuu
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