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Hello all, I would like to use the command for backup database: "dbbackup -c "..." -k 'recover' -d -t -x -y d:\temp". Unfortunately with the "-k" command does not work. Could you help me please, how to back up database, to be able to run the validation of backup? The current validation reports an error me:

D:\Temp>dbvalid -c "dbf=D:\Temp\db\backup\cis.db;uid=dba;pwd=sql" SQL Anywhere Validation Utility Version SQL error (-82) -- Unable to start specified database: D:\Temp\db\backup\cis.db cannot be started read-only because it requires recovery

I try command dbvalid -c "dbf=D:\Temp\db\backup\cis.db;uid=dba;pwd=sql;dbs=-r". But it is the same.

asked 21 Dec '16, 06:25

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The use of the "-k recover" switch requires the backup to be a server side backup.

Without also specifying the "-s switch" you will likely be getting a "usage: " listing instead of an error. If that is not what you are seeing maybe you can tell us how it is failing for you.

Note: server side backups also mean the target directory will be relative to the server process.

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answered 21 Dec '16, 13:07

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Thank you, it works.

(22 Dec '16, 06:17) Mirek
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That's great you got it working. Can you accept Nick's answer - click the white tick in the grey circle on the left head side of Nick's answer. That way anyone with the same problem in the future will see that the question was answered successfully. Thanks.

(22 Dec '16, 06:48) Justin Willey
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