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I upgraded a customer from SA 11 to SA 16 (Build 1761). Same server, Win 2008 SP2, Xeon processor. The server has been re-booted after the install.

I modified the Mobilink configuration to:

-v+ -vh -c "dsn=vs16;uid=dba;pwd=sql" -x tcpip(port=2439) -zu+ -dl -w 10 -cn 20 -zf

The service has a dependency, the db has to start first.

I couldn't get the service to start automagically, so I set it to Manual. In Sybase Central 16, I right click over the service, click Start, and the service doesn't go from red to green. I wait 60 seconds or so, bring up task manager, and MLSRV16.exe shows up in task manager, no cpu time, but it has grabbed memory. I then kill the app. I go to the command prompt, enter mlsrv16.exe and paste the the configuration (above), and press enter. The Mobilink server starts in 15 seconds and stays running after I close CMD.

Thanks for your help.

asked 15 Dec '16, 18:55

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Tom Mangano
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Hi Tom,

I do not know the answer, but I have a small comment :) Can you please add the option -o and upload the log file that MobiLink generates?

When you start the server, do you see any activity on the CDB? E.g. connections, SQLs, anything. Is it possible that the connection to CDB takes a long time from the MobiLink Server side?

I am not sure, what the Stack trace shows, but you can try to take a look at the mlsrv16.exe process: Maybe it will display the function's name that is currently waiting/running.


(16 Dec '16, 05:16) Vlad

Thank you for the -o suggestion. The log file gave me the info I needed to get the service to start. The error was something like 'No Data Source Found' When I set up the ODBC connection to the database, I did it on User DSN tab. As soon as I created the ODBC entry on the System DSN tab, the service started.

permanent link

answered 16 Dec '16, 10:16

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Tom Mangano
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Cool. I didn't know that I am so smart :)

(16 Dec '16, 13:09) Vlad
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