We have an app that uses Ultralite 12 / mobilink and have been using the 32bit version without issue for quite some time. We now have to test a 64bit build very quickly - don't have the time/resources to upgrade to UL 16 - and I've read that there were 64 bit libs for iOS released for 12... but I can't find anywhere I could download the last build of 12. Anyway help would be greatly appreciated!

asked 14 Dec '16, 14:31

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I can see how this may be a problem for you. Simple searches against the download site for "SQL Anywhere" and variations on "MacOS X"/"Mac OSX"/"Mac OS X" does not seem to list what you are looking for. The closest I got for 12.0 was 32bit Mac OSX ... which isn't helpful. Looks like an indexing issue ...

With a valid SAP S-id logged in search under Downloads for


and under "Maintenance Product >" pick the "MACOS X 64-BIT" in the drop down for the platform.

You should now have access to all the 64bit patches.

You should also be able to navigate this alphabetically as well.

Best wishes

Caveats: You will need to have a Mac OSX system with 12.0.1 installed and the addition of one of the EBF/SP you will find (above) since this platform was only made available in pathces with builds >= 4006. An additional fix was added in build 4201 so you should go for SPs/EBFs newer than that.

Since June 2014 you will need to have a valid SAP Support id (S-id) and download the SPs from http://support.sap.com

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I have an older version of 12.0.1 installed on OS X here. I don't have an S-ID however... is there any way you can send me a patch to upgrade to >= 4201? I have a valid registration key, but simply no way to get at the patch file atm. technologyrocks[at]digitalupturn.com

(15 Dec '16, 09:09) technomatt
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I'd suggest you to read the thread: http://sqlanywhere-forum.sap.com/questions/22015/how-do-i-get-a-sap-marketplace-account
It is described how to get the S-user.

(20 Dec '16, 08:31) Vlad
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