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Having installed the update to SQL Anywhere, I notice a difference in unloading a database. Up to version, I was able to execute the dbunload statement in the Summary page of the Unload Database Wizard directly by pressing the Finish Button. After the update, I get the attached error.

The dbunload statement looks like: dbunload -v -c "UID= testdatabase;PWD=***;Server=skyserver;DBN= Testdatabase;ASTART=No;host=" -an "/Users/admin/Desktop/Testdatabase.db" -ap 4096 -ea None -kdi 0 -ii -up

If I execute the very same statement in the terminal AND put at PWD= the password in clear instead of the ***, it works. As I think we have not changed the server environment (may be except an update of Java), I am wondering if there is a change in SQL Central?

  • OS X 10.11 El Capitan
  • Java 1.8.0_101

Best regards, Robert

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asked 21 Oct '16, 08:08

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The generation of the unprocessed.sql file hasn't changed AFAIK. unprocessed.sql will go into the 'current directory'. Perhaps the current directory for your invocation of SQL Central is a location where you do not have write permission?

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answered 21 Oct '16, 10:12

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John Smirnios
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Hi John I write the database as before the update to the admin's Desktop folder. As I am logged in as admin, I have write access to this folder. I am a little helpless what it could be.

(23 Oct '16, 06:31) robert
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Try changing the current directory of the SQL Central process. To do so, edit the icon that you use to invoke it. Right-click on the icon, choose 'Properties' then put a directory into the "Start in:" field.

(23 Oct '16, 07:57) John Smirnios

Do you mean the icon of SQL Central?

(25 Oct '16, 11:56) robert
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Yes. And you must restart SQL Central after editing the icon.

(25 Oct '16, 12:28) John Smirnios

I am on OS X and with Get Info I don't have a field like Start in:. I also checked Package Contents but can't find something like you mention. Could you give a hint where to find this field in El Capitan, please?

(26 Oct '16, 02:20) robert
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