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The new SCN site lists my account with company details I'm not willing to share.

A while ago, I could edit my profile and explicitly choose what particular information is publically available or not.

Now that choice seems to be gone (at least I do not find a way to do so in my SCN profile), and more information is displayed as desired.

That's an absolute no-go for me, SAP. I'm really ****ed up.

I'm aware that this is off-topic for this forum, however, I'm not going to contribute anything in the SCN space, so I hope someone has a hint for me here...


asked 17 Oct '16, 02:27

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Volker Barth
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FWIW, here's a SCN thread that deals with that issue:

Company Name in Profile Undisclosed Without Consent

Many users have shown their discontent there, and I share that view. "Privacy" is not a feature to add-on after going public.

That being said, the thread proves that this problem really has been introduced right with the SCN re-launch and has been fixed (may I say: for the moment?) between my question and Mike's answer.

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answered 19 Oct '16, 14:44

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Volker Barth
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edited 19 Oct '16, 14:45

Volker - I found out that if you click on the picture of your User Login (grey head if you haven't put in an actual picture), and then click the image again in the dropdown, that will go to your detailed account settings and you can edit there. I tried to embed an image as an example but unfortunately, I don't have the reputation points yet to do that. ;-)


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answered 17 Oct '16, 10:38

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Strange. I had already tried to edit my profile exactly as Mike has told - and the company name is a read-only field. However, now, it also contails the description that it is not publically visible:

alt text

and the company name and state is no more used within the profile for other viewers...

I'm very sure that it was different when I asked the question, that is 12 hours ago - the text "For privace-related..." was not there in the GUI, and the details were displayed for other users. Additionally, I could then see those of other users, too.

So it seems somehow fixed now - but frankly, such "silent" changes do not make me feel confident at all.

(17 Oct '16, 14:41) Volker Barth

Hi Volker, I know they are continuing to make updates based on user feedback. If you still encounter any issues, please let us know - but in this particular case, it looks like the details that you don't want shared won't be made public.
Regards, Mike

(17 Oct '16, 16:19) MikePaola
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