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So it seems like it's been every two years that a SQL Anywhere tech summit was held up in Waterloo. I looked at the SQL Anywhere sessions at TechEd this year, and I believe I had only found one session. And it was in conjunction with another product.

Any possibility that you guys are looking into doing another Tech Summit sometime soon?

Jeff Gibson
Intercept Solutions
Nashville, TN

asked 07 Oct '16, 13:45

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Jeff Gibson
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I would be interested in this as well. Thanks Jeff.

(09 Oct '16, 13:56) Siger Matt
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I'm sure I'd find a reason to be in Canada!

(10 Oct '16, 10:07) Justin Willey

Ah, I thought the original Waterloo/Belgium, somewhat easier to approach for me:)

(10 Oct '16, 10:10) Volker Barth

I wouldn't object to Waterloo in London (UK) either.

(10 Oct '16, 12:47) Justin Willey

So that's what they call "The thread is drifting away"?

(10 Oct '16, 14:27) Volker Barth

My vote is for Waterloo in Saint Vincent.

(12 Oct '16, 07:17) Breck Carter

I'll go to the North Pole if that's where it ends up, but if we're voting mine is for a former Waterloo - Austin, TX (USA). BBQ dinners for all.,_Texas

(12 Oct '16, 10:29) Siger Matt
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Would like to spoiler a Event in Germany.

SAP SQL Anywhere 2017 Developer Day on 24. April 2017 in Cologne

"This year's conference will focus on SAP's plans to integrate SQL Anywhere with the Hana Cloud Platform (HCP)."

Hope to meet you there.

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answered 26 Jan '17, 11:12

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Thomas Dueme...
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Good news:)

(26 Jan '17, 11:21) Volker Barth
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Unfortunately, this event seems to have been withdrawn, to cite from that page:

Does not take place.

Unfortunately, the SAP SQL Anywhere Developer Day 2017 can not take place for organizational reasons.

In coordination with SAP, a roadshow is planned about the integration of SQL Anywhere with the Hana Cloud Platform (HCP).

We will announce dates here.

(Michael Fischer might know more details, I'd assume...)

(13 Mar '17, 07:06) Volker Barth

I'm just going to bump this to the top to see if any of the top brass (Mark, Chris, etc), would let us know if the idea might be entertained in the future. :D

Jeff Gibson
Intercept Solutions
Nashville, TN

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answered 24 Jan '17, 16:05

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Jeff Gibson
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I'd be keen to attend, hopefully that doesn't make it less likely to happen :)

(25 Jan '17, 05:04) Justin Willey

Time to ask this question again I think!

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answered 08 May '17, 07:30

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Justin Willey
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So ask the question again ( i.e., post as a question, not an answer :)

(09 May '17, 17:31) Breck Carter

There are no plans at this time for a SQL Anywhere Tech Summit.

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answered 25 Jan '17, 16:44

Chris%20Kleisath's gravatar image

Chris Kleisath
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Chris: No offense intended, but I downvoted to remove the 1 existing upvote because your answer may reflect reality but it is neither the correct answer nor a desirable answer... you understand... it's not your fault :)

(09 May '17, 17:30) Breck Carter
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