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I have a script version 4.5 and upgraded my remote database and publication to 4.6.

From the upgrade 4.5 to 4.6 only 1 table has changed. 2 Columns have been added and there now are 22 instead of 20.

Now, sometimes, only sometimes a client cannot synchronize after an upgrade getting the error message 10047.... I can see the correct script version being used in the logging. also the remote is sending 22 parameters but there are only 20 parameters expected (even though the correct updated script version is being used)...

I suspect some sort of caching issue... anyone seen anything like this before?

PS. Where can I find the latest patch of mobilink 12?

Thanks !

asked 29 Sep '16, 10:22

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If this problem persists across a MobiLink server restart (all ML servers if you have multiple running in parallel) ... Then the most likely cause is that some of your remotes are requesting a ScriptVersion different from their schema version; still.

Another reason for this could be unsynchronized log records from before you changed the remote's schema. This would usually be due to incorrectly upgrading the schema at those remote sites. Depending upon how you did that and whether or not you used START/STOP Synchronization Schema Change statements; and if not you may have not fully synchronized all of the older operations before changing the schema.

Someone might need a more verbose ML server log and a history on how you performed these schema changes to help you out if rebooting all of ML servers does not correct for this and your investigation does not show the reason for this error.

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answered 29 Sep '16, 11:55

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Volker Barth

Just tested and you are right, There was no forced synchronization just before upgrading the remote database and this was causing the problems. Answer and I'll accept ... Thanks a bunch !

(30 Sep '16, 05:18) vdcey
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