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Since upgrade from SQL Anywhere 9 to 16 (build 2283) we have problems with the database server that does not response anymore. All clients that are connected are freezing. A new connection in ISQL freezes after a click on the "Connect" button.

With request log we saw that the problem is in the command xp_startmail(). I created a small test sp that sends a email using the startmail, but the behavior is not always the same. Sometimes the db server freezes sometimes not.

asked 20 Sep '16, 04:31

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Graeme Perrow

Could you show a snippet of your code to connect via MAPI and to send the mail, say, to show whether you check the return code for xp_startmail and the like?

Note that v16 has introduced the new xp_get_mail_error_text system procedure and xp_get_mail_error_code system procedure that could be of help here - in case you get a return code before the engine freezes...

Does the behaviour depend on the user/privileges trying to mail and/or the kind of recipient (part of your mail domain or not)?

(20 Sep '16, 05:56) Volker Barth

sorry i'm so bored about this issue, that i did not think clearly... actually i'm using xp_startsmtp(); xp_sendmail(); xp_stopsmtp();

i will direct for the xp_startsmtp question.

(20 Sep '16, 06:42) SamuelCosta

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