I get a JSON Array from an external System. When no data is available the system insert the string null in the Data. When the Data is parsed with sp_parse_json the returned data contains a 0 for that element instead of a SQL NULL.

declare cJson varchar(50) default '[null, 0, 1472478300]';
drop variable if exists myarray;
call sp_parse_json('myarray', cJson);
select val from unnest( myarray ) as da("val");



The null exists in the JSON Definition at www.json.org. Do I miss something? Is it planned to follow the JSON definition in the future? Is SA17 behave differently?

asked 07 Sep '16, 06:15

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Thomas Dueme...
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Volker Barth

Hm, the special JSON null value seems to be parsed partly wrong, possibly due to the other supplied values:

In my tests with, this is returned:

'[null]' returns (NULL)
'[null, null]' returns (NULL), (NULL)
'[null, 0]' returns 0,0
'[null, "0"]' returns (NULL), '0'
'[null, "foo"]' returns (NULL), 'foo'
'[null, "null"]' returns (NULL), 'null'

In my humble impression, there seems to be a bug that as soon as a number is involved, null is treated as 0.

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answered 07 Sep '16, 06:45

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Volker Barth
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Good observation Volker. As always. Lets see if some official can clarify if that's a bug or a feature.

(07 Sep '16, 07:22) Thomas Dueme...

FWIW, the behaviour seems similar with

I noticed a further detail: The null value is treated as expected if the array contains one of the other special values, i.e. true or false, even if a number is involved, too:

'[true, null, 1]' return true, (NULL), 1

The behaviour seems correct when using a JSON object, such as:

   declare cJson varchar(50) default '{foo: "null", bar: 0, val: null}';
   drop variable if exists myrow;
   call sp_parse_json('myrow', cJson);
   select myrow.foo, myrow.bar, myrow.val;
 -- returns 'null', 0, (NULL)

(07 Sep '16, 07:47) Volker Barth
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