In SQLA10 when running dbisql.exe with the -d1 parameter and passing it a script, it used to display the command line window showing statement execution. Now, with SQLA17, running the same command, the full GUI is displayed and requires user interaction to close it when the script is complete. Adding the -nogui switch removes the GUI and allows the script to execute without user interaction. However, it is no longer possible to watch the execution in the command line window. I have looked at all the available switches for dbisql.exe, but cannot work out how to run with the command line window showing execution. Is this still possible, or has this ability been removed?

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You should use

It has the -d1 switch you are searching.

For Windows, there are two executables:

  • Batch scripts should call dbisql or, not dbisql.exe. The executable is linked as a console application.

  • The dbisql.exe executable is linked as a windowed application and does not block the command shell from which it was started. If dbisql.exe is run from a batch file, you won't see any output sent to the standard output or standard error files.


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Just for the record:

Usually you can also use the "classic" v17 dbisqlc.exe utility (now deprecated) with its own logging facilities...

(06 Sep '16, 02:57) Volker Barth

Super! That is what I was after. Did not realise you could use the same way. This now behaves the way that dbisql.exe did in SQLA10. Can't use dbisqlc.exe as it does not take the @data parameter and also don't want to use it as it's depreciated.

(06 Sep '16, 04:58) robertwigley
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Understood - so the @data parameter and the "newer" options of the INPUT/OUTPUT commands are contra-indications for my "Usually you can also use dbisqlc.exe" statement:)

As to the deprecated tag - yes, I'm aware of that (dbisqlc had entered "deprecated state" in v11.0.1 AFAIK and had a "limited functionality" warning with v10 and below) - but the dear SQL Anywhere engineers are well-known to still use that utitily themselves, so I'd not expect a soon discontinuation here...

(06 Sep '16, 06:19) Volker Barth
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