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Question: When will “Download Your StackExchange Database” be available? (for the StackExchange software used to run this SQLA website)

Answer: "This is planned for beta 7, which will come out sometime around the end of January or early February." -

Here's the reason this is important:

Here are the implications: When this happens, I'm going to start heavily promoting SQLA... even though both StackExchange and SQLA will still be in "beta" for some time after that, it will be (IMO) safe to use.

Like Google Mail was safe to use even though it was in beta for years.

asked 13 Jan '10, 10:11

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Breck Carter
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edited 11 Jan '14, 07:54

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Graeme Perrow

Please be sure to let the community as well as us Sybase folks know when there is a backup solution in place.

permanent link

answered 28 Jan '10, 15:30

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Chris Kleisath
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I'll let the 100-point bounty be my answer to you :)

(29 Jan '10, 10:38) Breck Carter

@Chris: Are you Sybase folks going to handle SQLA differently when a backup (and maybe the "SQLA GA") are available - i.e. are you going to support this "more formally"?

(29 Jan '10, 12:10) Volker Barth
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@Breck: I didn't realize there was a bounty on this question; that's not the reason I posted my Answer.....however...I'll take it.

(29 Jan '10, 16:50) Chris Kleisath

@Volker: As Dave mentioned in an earlier question, we continue to monitor SQLA, and hope to see a community develop around it.

(29 Jan '10, 16:51) Chris Kleisath
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