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When clicking on File, at the bottom there is a 10 entry list of queries that have been run. How does one modify this list? It seems that instead of being the most recent, it's just a list of 10 that, once it hits 10, doesn't get modified again. As I was developing and testing queries, I tried different versions. Now the ones I use the most are not on the list, so I have to manually browse to their location when I wish to run them (several times daily).

asked 11 Aug '16, 09:16

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If you are talking about DBISQL's File menu I am only seeing 4 such entries and they are being updated. At least in versions 12, 16 and 17.

Which version and (if not DBIsql.exe) which utility are your using when you see this?

If it helps any, this file history is stored in the isql prefereneces file. For the more recent versions of this file is located in your .isqlPreferences<ver#>_{32|64] file under the tag <entry key="mruList">.

This file has been located in different in different versions including:

c:\Users\%Username%\AppData\Roaming\SAP\DISQL 17\ C:\Users\%Username%\AppData\Roaming\sybase\DBISQL 16\ C:\Users\%Username%\sybase\DBISQL 12.0.1\

for example.

One other thing comes to mind: If you are using an OEM.ini file you may have a [manually] preconfigure list and the preferences may be locked down on you.

Hopefully something in there helps.

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answered 11 Aug '16, 10:23

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