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I want to use C sharp .net (vs2008) develop wince PDA to connect the PC database, I need to make a connection to a Sybase (SQL Anywhere) database in a Windows CE app over the network (wifi). PC server port : 2638 database server name: server Server: Sybase anywhere dvr12 database Client: wince software

But I found no reference documentation, if you please send copies to me.

asked 27 Jul '16, 01:44

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You will need to add Links=TCPIP(host=<server_host_or_ip>) to your .NET connection string. This assumes that the CE device has visibility to the server host machine.

For example,


(27 Jul '16, 09:18) Chris Keating


According to the link SAP SQL Anywhere Supported Platforms and Engineering Support Status, Windows CE is supported in SA12. But, according to Windows embedded CE 6.0 and Odbc, Windows CE doesn't support ODBC libraries.

Thus the recommended approach is to use what SA provides - SQL Anywhere .NET Data Provider features. The link I have given you tells us what .NET provider should be used for the Compact Framework.

I hope this is everything you should know to start the development of ADO.NET applications. Please be careful, according to the first URL, Windows CE is not supported by SA17. So if you upgrade the DB server (everybody hopes), please be careful with the decision of the application architecture. Who knows, maybe HTTP-based approach will live longer than ADO.NET.

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answered 27 Jul '16, 03:54

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