I have a ASP.NET c# code to implement a bulk copy from MSSQL SERVER to SYBASE (12.5) using ASE client 4, but at the WriteToServer() function i always get the error " Incorrect syntax near ','". NOTE: i have even changed the DestinationTableName to a table that does not exist, but i still get the same error. previous to this error i was getting 'stored procedure sp_oledb_columns not found', which after searching the web got the procedure from "http://www.sqlbrowser.com/wikiHTML/sqlbhtml/sybsystemprocs/sp_oledb_columns.html" and ran the procedure against "sybsystemprocs" and every since then the subject error came. can ASE 12.5 actually do a bulkcopy or is there another means to carry out this operation.

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