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I have a general interest and enjoy using SQL Anywhere with QGIS version 2 (and enjoy using it) but using SQL Anywhere with the latest versions of QGIS is not possible.

So is there an open source future for SQL Anywhere QGIS or OGR drivers? (and if so any guides on how to install/use them)

I have found old references This link from 2014 mentions the removal of SQLA support from QGIS but the possibility of an OGR driver

On this forum I have found mention of development way back in 2012

So I would be interested in any plans for these drivers or if there is no future for such developments.

Thank you


asked 18 Jun '16, 05:15

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I do not know the answer, but I know the comment :) You are right, this is the issue ticket, that implements the "SA Removal" feature:

(18 Jun '16, 17:01) Vlad
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Thanks for the comment and link as I didn't find that link before. I know my question is limited to only people on the SQL Anywhere product teams but hoping I can get an answer. Cheers Robert.

(19 Jun '16, 07:38) roosky

SQLA support was removed from QGIS 2.4 due to the maintenance overhead caused by the QGIS project making numerous changes to the data source driver API. Our intent was that in the future QGIS could connect to SQLA via its QGIS-OGR driver, which presumes SQLA support compiled into the OGR library. Shortly thereafter we contributed a patch to the GDAL project containing a SQLA driver for OGR:

Unfortunately, that patch has not been accepted into OGR due to a lack of support from existing GDAL project members. The current status is that there is no shipping versions of either QGIS or OGR that contain SQLA support. However, developers who are willing to compile their own OGR library can add SQLA support to it using our contributed patch, after which the new OGR library can be used with QGIS or any other OGR-compatible tool to access a SQLA database.

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answered 21 Jun '16, 09:50

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David DeHaan
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I should clarify that the SQLA patch has not been tested with OGR 2.x which was released earlier this year.

(21 Jun '16, 10:00) David DeHaan
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