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June 8 Update: Since Vivaldi lets me login to SCN, I'm guessing a cookie-cleaning might solve the problem on Chrome... which I won't do as a matter of principle, not until cleans up its act and stabilizes it's crappy website :)

June 7 Update: Good luck, everyone! (it's been 72 hours and I can't login to SCN).

Once again we seem to be heading into "hurricane season" on, where everything is changing and nothing works properly. First it was, now it's

I no longer have the energy (or interest) to help hurricane victims write articles about using, but don't say you weren't warned :)

alt text

asked 04 Jun '16, 08:02

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Breck Carter
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Are you registering multiple accounts with the same email? I know your plan - ask questions, answer them, vote, increase karma - profit :-)

(04 Jun '16, 11:46) Vlad
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That's no new thing - I have several SCN/SAP accounts with the same email address, and this message shows up everytime I try to login to SCN with one of my SAP passports... As I don't like to be myself number two/three, I use my SAP passports (associated with the according S-USER ids) to do download/purchase stuff, while I use a login via mail address/password for SCN... - and because of that I rarely login to SCN and help there. Made in WALLdorf.

I guess I could ask SAP support personnel for further assistance but several monthes ago different accounts with the same mail address used on the same machine were show stoppers.

(04 Jun '16, 21:08) Volker Barth
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Are you calling me a SAP reputation whore?

Yeah, that's me, it's all about those points! :)

(05 Jun '16, 10:37) Breck Carter

I haven't changed anything in a long long long time, with respect to my relationship with SAP.

This new symptom seems to prevent me from logging in to SCN.

Life is too short to do any research, or call anyone... however, it does give me some pleasure to search Google Images...

(05 Jun '16, 10:42) Breck Carter

One of my all-time favourites - Justin's clarification:

(06 Jun '16, 02:56) Volker Barth

No-no. Didn't want to be offensive. Sorry :)

(06 Jun '16, 03:28) Vlad

I know, I know, I saw the :) :)

(06 Jun '16, 13:34) Breck Carter

June 7 Update: Good luck, everyone! (it's been 72 hours and I can't login to SCN).

Too bad - I see your current SCN reputation going down the drain - say good bye to being in the current "12-month Leaderboard"...:)

(07 Jun '16, 08:50) Volker Barth
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Will I get to keep my merit badges?

(07 Jun '16, 11:21) Breck Carter
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