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As the title asks: what is with the version number of the latest patch for SQLA 17?

asked 01 Jun '16, 17:01

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Chris Kleisath
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edited 01 Jun '16, 17:03

FWIW, the latest v17 SP for Windows now tells

17.0.4 seems to have introduced quite a bunch of new features (see Chris's answer).

For 17.0.6 and 17.0.7, I have not noticed that.

So am I right to to conclude that those steps in the 3rd part of the version number do not really mean much to customers?

(13 Apr '17, 11:29) Volker Barth

I would like to clarify the numbering of the SQL Anywhere 17 software included in the latest SQL Anywhere Support Package/Patch (SP 0 – Patch Level 8). You may have noticed that the version number changed from 17.0.0.xxxx to

The “4” in the third part of the version number for version 17 is an internal number, similar to the fourth part of the version number, which we generally refer to as the “build number”. This patch is still a patch for your 17.0 software. It is the most recent patch, coming after patch level 7.

Within SAP, the SQL Anywhere code is used in several other SAP products, including SAP HANA Remote Data Sync, SAP IQ, SAP HANA Dynamic Tiering, SAP Mobile Platform – Offline OData component. Because of releases for those products which use the SQL Anywhere code, our development team made the decision to use the third part of the version number to help distinguish between branches of the code, and keep the changes in our code organized.

As of build 2000, SQL Anywhere 17.0 contains several minor enhancements and behavior changes. To use some of these enhancements and changes, you must upgrade or rebuild your database. When you upgrade or rebuild a SQL Anywhere database to version 17.0 build 2000 or later, you cannot run the database on a database server earlier than version 17.0 build 2000. Complete details of these changes are on our updated DCX documentation site now.

In the future, the third part of the version string will likely increase again. One thing we will ensure is that the Build number (the fourth part of the string) will always be larger, for newer patch levels.

permanent link

answered 01 Jun '16, 17:02

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Chris Kleisath
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Wow! Thanks for sharing the link to the updated "What's New" section for build 2000 - I had installed the new Windows version but just noticed the many fixes in the EBF Readme. But apparently there's much more to check and test (and therefore, given those enhancements, I'd ask why that is not considered a SP1?)

In the future, the third part of the version string will likely increase again. One thing we will ensure is that the Build number (the fourth part of the string) will always be larger, for newer patch levels.

Can I also expect that the whole version number will still be strong monotonically increasing (i.e. after, there won't be a, for example)? (AFAIK, in former times, major versions had their own build number range, say vs., so that fulfilled my expectation...)

(01 Jun '16, 17:30) Volker Barth
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> branches of the code

I couldn't find an image that suitably expresses my reaction to that, so I'll just say it in text: May God have mercy on your souls :)

(02 Jun '16, 05:03) Breck Carter
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Hm, I guess the SQL Anywhere engineers will be very familiar with code branches/merging, given they have always had to maintain several code bases in parallel (usually at least 2-3 active major versions, new development, ...) - but I second your good wishes:)

(Apparently, unnecessary branches are evil, that's understood)

(02 Jun '16, 05:28) Volker Barth

> several minor enhancements

Not so minor, IMO.

For example, "connections made by the Cockpit are excluded from the connection counts".

(02 Jun '16, 05:33) Breck Carter
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Having said all that, Chris' reply may be regarded as good news with respect to the future of SQL Anywhere.

(02 Jun '16, 06:36) Breck Carter

Volker: You are correct. There will be no more builds created with the third number '0'. As Chris has explained, all 17.0 released builds will have monotonically increasing fourth numbers (aka build numbers). At some point in the future you will likely see, for example, and then, etc.

(02 Jun '16, 08:41) Mark Culp

Well, let's see it that way:

If these are only "minor enhancements" and it's still only a patch, not a service pack ("SP 0 – Patch Level 8") - prepare with another bunch of sun glasses for the first SP to come:)

(02 Jun '16, 09:35) Volker Barth

Mark, thanks for the clarification, and I notice that the Golden Watcom Rule is in place, as expected:)

(02 Jun '16, 09:36) Volker Barth

I have given up trying to understand SAP, I just try to stay out of the way :)

(02 Jun '16, 11:46) Breck Carter

> trying to understand

Speaking of which, does anyone know what this SAP commercial is advertising? Other than deeply invading personal privacy, that is...

(02 Jun '16, 13:04) Breck Carter
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