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Due to the fact that there is no more general "EBF notification" (besides the DBISQL "Update Checker", which is not too reliable IMHO, as discussed here), I have get accustomed to go to the SAP Support Portal and search for SQL Anywhere downloads myself, usually twice or three times a week.

So I choose "Download Software" in the Portal start page and then enter (or select) "SQL Anywhere 12", "SQL Anywhere 16" in the search field and start the search. Until least week, all GAs and EBFs/SPs were shown as expected.

The UI to do so has changed several times in the few weeks, I think, and today it seems a little bit different again, but now it does not offer me one single downloads anymore:

alt text

I have tried several times and with different browsers but the result stays the same - no downloads for any SQL Anywhere version. That's no good.

asked 30 May '16, 02:56

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Volker Barth
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This may just be intermittent. Everything is working for me but I just saw a warning that there may be some 'connectivity' issues with Support One/Launchpad. Maybe trying again later will work?

... otherwise ...

I think I saw your empty page (albeit, im Englisch), followed by an, apparent, redirect to the one you are expecting. Is it a browser behaviour maybe? This could be related to either a stale, broken or uninstalled browser certificate (or maybe a virus scanner/firewall setting) or an unreported Launchpad bug.

If this doesn't clear for you, and you have the cycles, it would help us to get an investigation open.

FWIW -- dbisql checking for new software seems to be flawless right now.

(30 May '16, 09:27) Nick Elson S...
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Nick, see my own answer: A few hours later it worked with the same browsers and certificate it had failed with before... - so I guess this was just an intermittent issue and consider the case closed...:)

FWIW, there seems to be a general warning now - whereas I do see all downloads...:):

alt text

(30 May '16, 10:11) Volker Barth

Hm, in constrast to Martin's usage of ( I seem to use the newer SAP Launchpad portal - cf. the image within the question -, and a further attempt with entering "SQL Anywhere 17" in the search field did not succeed, either (although I checked that the according support contract is still alive...).

However, then I used a different route to search products via "By Alphabetical Index (A-Z)" -> "S" -> "Sybase SQL Anywhere", and then I could choose the desired versions.

Now, entering "SQL Anywhere 17" in the search field works, too, as expected.

(All attempts were done with the same SAP Passport client certificate, so I can exclude login problems. Strange.)

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answered 30 May '16, 06:39

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Volker Barth
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edited 30 May '16, 06:44

For me patches for Version 16 and Version 17 are still accessible.

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answered 30 May '16, 04:41

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Same for me (after fumbling a bit with the new interface)

(30 May '16, 04:57) Reimer Pods
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