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Good evening,

I do not have much knowledge NO0 Sybase DBMS and need help to manage and gives readings permissions to another DBMS Oracle. I need you to help me with the following questions:

  1. Creating a user read-only in SQL Anywhere 9 tool;
  2. What is the way to connect to this bank? Let's use an Oracle dblink for Sybase and must pass the access address.
  3. For Oracle connects to my Sybase database, you must (ODBC) driver? Can anyone tell me where to download and what to download?

asked 17 May '16, 20:49

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To create a user use the tool Sybase central with the wizard

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answered 19 May '16, 03:17

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The second answer I found in SA 10 Docs, called "Remote Data Access". It is probably what you need: Introduction to remote data access

The third one is probably described here (how to connect SA to remote servers: Working with remote servers). I haven't tried the next link with SA, but I guess this is what you need: Oracle ODBC Drivers.

I do not have much knowledge NO0 Sybase DBM

I think you can start with this book. There you can find examples how to create proxy tables. By the way I am curious when Breck writes the new book, because this is for SA 9 only :)

This is everything I can tell you.

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answered 19 May '16, 04:22

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edited 19 May '16, 04:22

"I am curious when Breck writes the new book": I doubt that he will ever do this, because I remembering him writing about that topic (too much time invested compared with the earnings).

(19 May '16, 06:43) Reimer Pods
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FWIW, I guess he has even semi-retired (*) from writing articles on his great blog, and see - The Blog is the Book.

(*) @Breck: Just my own wild guesses, apparently:)

(19 May '16, 06:56) Volker Barth

Oh, I didn't know this page. I am more curious (of course this is not a relevant comment to this topic), but isn't it worth writing books for money rather than write blogs for free?
I would write something :) but I guess that everything I know seems obvious to me or to Google.

(19 May '16, 07:41) Vlad
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@Vlad: Just out of curiosity: You haven't known that particular blog article - or Breck's whole blog?

(19 May '16, 08:05) Volker Barth

I confess to "lazy" but not "retired" :)

Also, SAP's extreme lack of enthusiasm for SQL Anywhere is infectious.

Once Foxhound 4 ships there may be a flurry of articles on the blog.

(19 May '16, 08:08) Breck Carter

"writing books for money" - that was never really true (think fifty cents an hour), but nowadays there is no such thing as a tech book.

(19 May '16, 08:16) Breck Carter

"lazy" but not "retired" :)

That's good to know:)

Besides that, your blog is still way more active than the SQL Anywhere blogs within SCN - which seems to second your second statement... - I'm wild guessing, again.

(19 May '16, 08:43) Volker Barth

The article. I know the blog, because Google always suggested me Breck's blog when I wanted to know about the HTTP server.
But I haven't read other articles through. And by the way, both this forum and the blog are in my RSS Reader.

(19 May '16, 15:01) Vlad

50 cents an hour.

No-o-o. This cannot be... or at least I cannot believe. I expected that it might be close to this:

(19 May '16, 15:03) Vlad
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