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Hi. How can I use DBLIC to add multiple license keys to a dbsrv12.lic file? I need to apply the keys at a customer site, so I'm reluctant to experiment. Thank you.

asked 30 Apr '16, 15:35

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If you have possession of the multiple keys and a setup for V12, you could try installing it on a separate workstataion and then running dblic once for each key to see if that works. Presumably the keys are additive, and The Watcom Rule was still in effect for V12 so dblic is probably additive as well.

(01 May '16, 15:38) Breck Carter
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That might depend on the kind of keys you've got. Consider this example: one key for the server base package with 5 user licenses and an additional key for 3 seat licenses.
In this case you wold use dblic -k with the first key (or supply it during the setup) and add the additional seats with dblic -u (no key required).

(02 May '16, 06:39) Reimer Pods

Even if you become 100% sure of the approach, local testing is still recommended (it's amazing how fast "100%" becomes "zero", happens to me every day :)

(02 May '16, 09:10) Breck Carter
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