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I use ODBC connection (64 bits ODBC driver) to access to a SQL AnyWhere V12 database on a Windows 64 bits PC. If I have an error in Interactive SQL (ex simple syntax error), the error message comes after a very long time (45 secondes). If I use instead 32 bits ODBC driver on the same database, then error message comes immediately, which is much more what I want. Is there any parameter to adjust to avoid such long answer ?


asked 08 Feb '16, 04:35

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Wrt. to the delayed error message, a similar question was posted before: Delay in Error message. Short version of the answer: install local help files to speed up the reaction. For details please follow the link.

IMHO the bitness of the ODBC driver won't change the behaviour as dramatically as you observed. Using different versions of ISQL (dbisql vs. dbisqlc) might be one possible cause.

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answered 08 Feb '16, 07:47

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Unless you are really using the Generic ODBC Driver method to connect to your database, Interactive SQL uses the JDBC driver, not the ODBC driver. Under the hood the JDBC driver is using some common code that is also part of the ODBC driver. But I don't think the choice of JDBC or ODBC driver is the issue here. I'd expect your ODBC test to exhibit approximately the same speed whether using the 64-bit driver or the 32-bit driver.

(09 Feb '16, 12:01) JBSchueler

Thanks for reply and sorry for long delay; yes the problem appears with dbisql and not with dbisqlc. I saw in the linked post that a patch exists, I will try to install it.


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answered 24 Feb '16, 09:10

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