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Hi, I am starting the database with Sybase Central as a service with the following parameter:

-c 1024m -n data D:\database\data.db

When the database starts, the initial memory is about 14mb. Is there a way that I can start the database with the whole 1024m that is reserved for the database? Right now, it starts at 14mb and gradually increase as needed.

Thank you for your help!

asked 03 Feb '16, 13:18

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Start the database server with -cl 1024m.


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answered 03 Feb '16, 13:20

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Mark Culp
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Thanks for the quick answer, however when I put the parameter in

-cl 1024m -n data d:\database\data.db

the database server still begin with around 12M of memory only, and only increase when needed. Is it possible to start the database server and get the full 1024M of memory right away?

(03 Feb '16, 13:28) kennyli
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What makes you think it is using only 12M of memory?

When I start dbsrv9 with -cl 1024M it displays this...

Minimum cache size: 1048576K, maximum cache size: 1048576K

(03 Feb '16, 13:36) Breck Carter

I see. I was looking at the task manager's performance of the database server, and the memory used for the adaptive server anywhere database only begins at 14M, does it mean that the 1024M is already there, its just that windows doesn't detect the memory usage yet?

(03 Feb '16, 15:01) kennyli
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Windows Task Manager only displays the size of the process' resident (working set) memory and not the amount of memory that the process has allocated. You can use resmon or perfmon to look at the process 'commit' size to get the true amount of memory that is allocated by the process.

(03 Feb '16, 17:38) Mark Culp
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