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I know why this happens but in my opinion I think even a silly action should not kill the server instance.

    message NewArray type info to client;

I was playing with a JASON array and thought the message command could do something like NewArray.toSting(). A Message "Array" would also be fine. But the server process should not die !

I use as the server engine.

Only to let you know.

asked 28 Jan '16, 11:54

Thomas%20Duemesnil's gravatar image

Thomas Dueme...
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We would agree. No client action should not be able to crash the server. That's why we fixed this in later SPs/EBFs than the one you are using.

SQLA Bug Fix ( CR#771618 ) "Server crash when using ARRAY or ROW type values in MESSAGE statement"

Fixed in 16.0.0 builds >= 2020

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answered 28 Jan '16, 11:59

Nick%20Elson%20SAP%20SQL%20Anywhere's gravatar image

Nick Elson S...
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No client action should not be able to crash the server.

Nitpicking: This sounds like "We're not happy until you're not happy.":)

(28 Jan '16, 16:03) Volker Barth
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Correct! Extra (double negative) 'not's noted to be in error ...

(28 Jan '16, 17:22) Nick Elson S...

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the report.

This is a bug and should be resolved in a later version of SQL Anywhere.

Versions and later along with all releases of 17 have this issue fixed.

Thanks, Mikel

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answered 28 Jan '16, 11:58

Mikel%20Rychliski's gravatar image

Mikel Rychliski
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I've tried this will the latest version of 16 and I get the error:

Cannot convert varray to a long varchar

and the server keeps running. I'm not sure which bug fix resolved this issue.. See Nick's answer for the fix. You can find the full list of fixes here .

I'd suggest that you upgrade to a newer version.


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answered 28 Jan '16, 12:03

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Mark Culp
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edited 28 Jan '16, 12:06

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