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we are trying to migrate our Software from ASA9.0.2 to ASA 17.

At the moment our Sofrware runs on an ASA9 Server and the Clients (Windows mobile 6) using the mobile version of ASA9 and synchronize via Mobilink to the central DB.

The central DB i have migratet so far and runs with the mobilink service unter ASA17. Now i want the moblie clients to install, and cant figure out how this works under ASA17.

The question is: Is there a mobile version of ASA17? if Yes. How do i install these?

regards Stefan

PS: i am using the developer edition of ASA 17

Mobilink 17 (

SQL Anywhere 17 (

asked 12 Jan '16, 09:34

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MobiLink has only ever provided 2 client versions backward. Support for SQL Anywhere 9 (a.k.a. ASA) ML remotes ended at version 11. You can see that the required -xo switch was removed in version 12.

Also Windows Mobile (aka CE) support has been removed as a SQL Anywhere (as in dbsrv17) platform. It does remains available as an UltraLite platform if that helps any.

If you have been using UltraLite or will be porting your application to UltraLite then you will need to do a double conversion. The lack of backward compatability will not allow you to step-wise upgrade your consolidated, then the ML server and then the remotes on a scheduled rollout basis.


(12 Jan '16, 09:46) Nick Elson S...

Hello Stefan - as of V17, the SQL Anywhere server is no longer supported on Windows CE/Mobile. Your alternatives are to use v16 (which is still in mainstream maintenance) or alternatively, use v17 UltraLite which does support CE/Win Mobile. Of course, if you go the UltraLite route, you would have to assess whether you make use of features in the SQL Anywhere server that are not supported in UltraLite. I would recommend you bookmark the following SQL Anywhere supported platforms page as it shows the various components and the platforms they are supported on:

Regards, Mike

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answered 12 Jan '16, 09:45

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