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At the moment we are using a SA16 database with around 450 tables and lots of stored procedures. For mobile devolpment we developed webservices that returns JSON to the devices. Now we like to a step further and develop a single page application (SPA) on the web.

Therefor we looked to several Javascript frameworks, like AngularJS en EmberJS. These frameworks work with MVC (very nice) and use models that extract there data from webservices. SQL Anywhere seems to be able to work in that way (per table a model, with webservices for CRUD operations).


  • has anbodoy experince with these frameworks? AngularJS or EmberJS.
  • how doe you sync changes in the db to the model that are done in a SP that inserts/update a lot of tables?
  • do you advice other frameworks or libraries?

Tia Hans

asked 11 Jan '16, 02:38

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I have a simple question: do you want to use dynamic pages with the server-side code (Java/ASP.NET/PHP/Node.JS), or you prefer JavaScript pages and host everything on SA (using it as a server)?

(11 Jan '16, 05:24) Vlad
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We prefer hosting everthing in SA.

(11 Jan '16, 05:26) HansTSD

I've done a couple of projects using AnguarJS, using PHP middleware on the server and SA as the backend database.

  1. AngularJS is a great tool - am able to build very responsive applications
  2. my applications have 'manual' synching wherein the user hits a 'sync' button to update
  3. I have experimented with using HiveMQ ( to notify the clients when they should initiate a sync operation. I haven't used it in a production situation yet, but I think it would work fine. If you don't want the middleware component, you could one of SA's 'External Environments' to write the notification code.
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answered 12 Jan '16, 13:08

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Terry Wilkinson
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