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There seems to be an issue when calling the PreparedStatement.getUpdateCount() in conjunction with calling the Connection.getLastIdentity() method in UltraliteJ. You get different results depending on in which order you call them.

To illustrate using the CustDB app distributed with SA17,

  • change the cust_id column to DEFAULT AUTOINCREMENT
  • then execute the following code
ps.execute("INSERT INTO ULCustomer (cust_name) VALUES('joe')");
Log.d(this.getClass().getName(), "getUpdateCount() = " + ps.getUpdateCount());
Log.d(this.getClass().getName(), "getLastIdentity() = " + _conn.getLastIdentity());

you get the expected output,

getUpdateCount() = 1
getLastIdentity() = 1

  • however if you reverse the calls to GetUpdateCount() and getLastIdentity() as follows,
ps.execute("INSERT INTO ULCustomer (cust_name) VALUES('joe')");
Log.d(this.getClass().getName(), "getLastIdentity() = " + _conn.getLastIdentity());
Log.d(this.getClass().getName(), "getUpdateCount() = " + ps.getUpdateCount());

you get the output,

getLastIdentity() = 1
getUpdateCount() = -1

Note the value of -1. It looks like the call to getLastIdentity() somehow destroyed the value for getUpdateCount().

Obviously I can work around this, but I think it's a bug.


asked 04 Dec '15, 14:58

Terry%20Wilkinson's gravatar image

Terry Wilkinson
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Hi Terry,

Here's what's likely happening: the modified rows count is stored by the underlying UltraLite runtime in a per-request data structure, along with the error information. The call to get the last identity is a separate request, and that clears the data structure. The -1 value indicates the last request wasn't one that affects rows.

This means that if you get the update count immediately following the execute, things will be good (as you've discovered). And perhaps we should also look at improving this so it doesn't look like a bug. :-)

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answered 04 Dec '15, 17:33

Tim%20McClements's gravatar image

Tim McClements
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I figured it was something like that. It also shows up if I call ps.hasResultSet() before calling getUpdateCount(). The current behaviour does seem counter-intuitive - I would expect those values to persist until the next execution request :-)


(04 Dec '15, 18:15) Terry Wilkinson
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